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  1. Marg Corsen says

    Hi . . just to introduce myself . . I’m ‘marcorse’ – a Select Artist at The Sims Resource and found your page on one of my infrequent visits to the TSR FaceBook interface. I think your creations are excellent and more than a little “outside the box” . . the modern stove for example . . .so, I’m wondering if you would allow use of your creations in my Lot creation for TSR . . with full link credit given of course, for anthing used . My Lots and other creations are exclusive to TSR [or they are meant to be – but I guess no one really knows these days!! ].

    • Mirel says

      Thanks for appreciation means a lot for me especially when comes from a very talented artist as you are, yes of course I’m delighted if you find them useful to be included in your sets… and credit ( link back ) is always welcomed.

  2. Pam Abel says

    Just wanted to say that I loooooooove it all!!! Thank you so much for sharing these beauties with us!
    Do you take requests???
    Thanks again xxxxx

  3. Richard says

    you guys are so awesome :) thank you for the free downloads. if you can can you make some more Apple objects for us?

    • Mirel says

      Of course, be my guest…but only if you provide link for download on my pages (do not reupload them). Thanks for interest and appreciation!

  4. says

    Hello :)
    I’m already affiliated with you. However, our forum changed and so did the name. Our new url is Could you please change the banner link to the new url? We have a new banner if you wish to change it. Although, our magazine is still called Rock the Sims, so you can keep the banner that you have now if you wish.

    Thank You,


  5. says

    Hello, first my compliment for your beautiful work. I build houses and for a year I published them in the website The Sims Resource but now with other creators we opened a sims3 blog, we create objects, furnitures, houses.. and so I would like to ask if I am allow to use your creations for my houses that I upload in the blog, your link/credits for your creations is of course added if you allow it, thanks in advance. Best Regards and happy holidays. Keyla

    • Mirel says

      Thank you so much for appreciation! You can include any of my creations with your houses as long as you provide credit/link back.

    • Mirel says

      Save the archive on your computer and using a software that handle Zip (7Zip is a free one) right-click and extract the sim3pack wherever you wish. Go there and double click on sims3pack, the launcher will automatically install the file for you…

  6. julie says

    hey, i love your sims 3 creations. however, could you please make some “modern dishwashers” for the sims 3? i dont want to use any basegame stuff as i like your creations so much better.

  7. julie says

    another suggestion: could you please make some new counters? the basegame counters dont look right. plus, ive seen lots of good counters out there but, (to me, their not good enough).

  8. charee says

    I just wanted to express my gratitude for your hard work. The stuff here is incredible! I look forward to the coming additions. Thanks again

  9. Michelle says

    I need Help How Can You See the Things i donload in sims ? The stuff Went to a folder not in downloads Help!

    • Mirel says

      Just double click the sims3pack and the launcher will install the file, it can’t create a folder… If you want to copy them directly in downloads folder you must select only the sims3packs without folders.

  10. julie says

    thanks for the “modern dishwasher” that one looks stylist and perfect. it’s also better than the basegame dishwasher plus, its modern :) @mirel: if you do end up making some counters, there’s one basegame counter that’d i would recommend (it needs an update and some stuff has to be removed). the counter is called: immemorial counter

  11. says

    Hi, I also wanted to get permission to use your creations in lots uploaded to TSR. I also sent you an email that includes photos of where some of your creations were used. Thank you so much for sharing your talent.

    • Mirel says

      Hi Lateesha, thanks, you can include my creations with your lots, I adore to see them used. I also reply to your e-mail.

  12. Allison says

    Hello! I love your style. But I had a problem when I downloaded your packages. I completely downloaded but I don’t know where to take them. How can I find my packages? Can you help me?

    • Mirel says

      Save the archive on your computer and using a software that handle Zip (7Zip is a free one) right-click and extract the sim3pack wherever you wish…

  13. Mirel says

    Inside .zip archive, you must extract the sims3pack from archive, just click the download button and follow the previous instructions. Please use the same name when posting comments. ( no 3 different names for asking the same question Allison, Genevieve, Carrie

  14. Beril says

    Hi! I downloaded package viewer, I searched my packages to download but it doesn’t see my .zip package folders. What web site can I download the package viewer? ( Sorry for my English I’m Turkish I don’t know English very well )

  15. Jared Shank says

    You got some pretty cool stuff made. Will you being doing items for the Sims 4 game. When I found this site I thought it was item for Sims 4 but it turned out to be for Sims 3. I still may download some of these items as you do have some nice TV and Computers that would be cool to also have for Sims 4.

    • Mirel says

      I’m glad you like them. Now, objects creation for Sims 4 is still in beta test but after a tool will be released I will see…

  16. Juskeesh says

    Hi..Jus found ur site n I downloaded everything haha. Is there any chance of u creating for The Sims 4? Thanks so much for ur beautiful creations :)

  17. emmeline says

    I play the sims 4 for a while now and I would love to be able to download new furniture.
    the only problem is that it fails to download.
    He download via the site but otherwise I come not to put it in my game to use.
    can someone help me?

  18. someone says

    Hi, Please – I’ve got something to ask, maybe you can make this for me?
    i’m looking for huge TV rounded screen for sims 3 and I loved your tv’s so I just wanted to ask If you can (please) create this (in wall height, curved)

    I really appriciate this and I really like your site.. please make this…
    thanks a lot!!! great website :-)

  19. someone says

    Hi I left a comment but it’s disappeared, I wanted to ask if you can please make a large curved TV (in a wall height) please, I really really need this.. thanks a lot, i’ll recommend your site to all my friends and share

    • Mirel says

      Thanks for feedback, really appreciated! This can be easily done by editing the mesh, unfortunately my time doesn’t allow me to make your requested custom work…

  20. rita says

    i had downloaded a bunch of your stuff but its not showing up. I have other cc items from othr sites show up though. what am i doing wrong?

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